Bored Chimp's

The Bored Chimps leaders decided to gather their might and ideas and build a unique one of a kind blockchain called 🔥BoredChain 🔥that combines DeFi, P2E, NFT’s and Staking Rewards

Pinksale Presale coming soon .. 🔥🔥

Coming soon!

The Bored Chimp Ecosystem

Bored Chimp will come with Unique Rarity NFT’s which will unlock different stages of APY Staking.

A new of a kind DEX Swap is also in the works, with yield farming, P2E type of games and staking mechanisms.

Unique Rarity NFT

Huge Partnership

Unique DEX SWAP with staking and yield farming

Low Tax

Huge Influencer Marketing

Bored Chimp Finance provide top security

BoredChimp Finance, is a deeply rooted meme utility project, which comes with auto-USDT rewards for the holders

We have chosen to launch the BCF token on Binance Smart Chain, as it’s with one of the lowest fees on the market and users will have a smaller entry barrier.

Chimp Team

The team is doxed and verified in front of the community and has KYC and Audit in Pinksale.

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